Norway Address

Mailing Address in Norway:

Elder Easton Egan
Roald Aamundsens Veg 8
3933 Porsgrunn

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18, 2017

Another great week. Sorry this will be short we decided to go on a really long hike so my time is very short.  I will answer your questions and then send a group email.  Splits went awesome and I'll talk about it in my group email. I feel like I’ve gotten the routine down.  A lot of people can speak English but they do everything in Norwegian so it's just when I don't understand they speak English.  But I would say anyone under the age of 55 can speak decent English but all the kids can’t yet.  I get to go to the mission home next week and I am so excited to see everyone.  We will just take a really long train to get there.  I have not gotten your package yet but I think it will come.

Love you, 
Eldste Egan
Splits in Tonsberg

A view from a members home

Hiking in Gygrestolen

At the top.
Hello everyone!

Another amazing week!  It all started off with heading up to T√łnsberg to go on splits for 2 days.  They always talk about how awesome things happen on splits and let me tell you it is true.  Not much happened the first day but the second day I was with Eldste Johnson and within the first 5 people we talked to, we had already given out a Book of Mormon and a ton of pamphlets and people would actually talk to us for a solid 10-15 minutes.  It even gets better. The first door we knock on this lady answers the door. We talk with her for a second and she says that she doesn't believe in anything. We explained the promise that is in the back of the Book of Mormon and she was willing and said that she would read and pray and that we could come back.  We walked away so shocked and happy. Too bad it wasn't in my area.

Next the Drammen Eldsters came down to Porsgrunn and went on splits with us.  Within the first 3 people we talked to we already handed out 2 Books of Mormon and a pamphlet.  Through this process we have 6 potential investigators and we are just hoping one becomes an investigator.  This makes this week a big and crazy one.  

We also got to help out with a lot of service this week and we got to do a lot with all of the members.  
 One story from splits we were talking with this guy about the Book of Mormon and all he wanted to talk about is how revelation doesn't happen anymore and that there is no need to do anything. He was very polite and we asked if we could share a scripture with him and we shared Moroni's promise and the spirit was so strong and you could see that he was feeling it.  After we read it he said "it's true" and then instantly went back into all of this stuff.  We were disappointed but at least we tried.

We got to go on an amazing hike today called Gygrestolen, I'll send pictures!

Elder Egan

At the top of Gygrestolen

The best chocolate ever!  Melkesjokolade!

Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

Hello everyone!

Another great week here in Porsgrunn/Skien.  It has rained every day this week which has made contacting fun.  No news on new investigators this week, but we had 3 people say that they couldn't talk that second but that we could come back so we are looking forward to doing that.

On Monday we mowed this old lady's lawn while the sisters tried to teach her because the Elders already have and they didn't get anywhere.  Sadly the sisters didn't get anywhere but she fed us waffles so that was a bonus.

We had a Mormons Bok open house on Thursday and only one person showed up but it went really well and hopefully he becomes interested in the future.

I learned this week that when you are Bonking on people’s homes that you can run into some fun/crazy situations.  Some people just get mad and then refer us to their friends and when we get there they end up being Jehovah’s Witnesses.  

I also learned this week that walking an hour is nothing to the Norwegian people. They are so dedicated and once again this ward is amazing. It is a small ward but this ward is so dedicated to the gospel.  I am so lucky and blessed to be able to interact with them.

We had the opportunity to help move furniture with some members at their Hytte (cabin) and it was the coolest place with the most amazing view I have ever seen for a cabin.  It was on this cliff that led to this huge lake and it is so green here.

I get to go on splits twice this week. Once up in T√łnsberg for a couple of days and then the Drammen Eldstes are coming down so it should be a great week!

Hope you all have another amazing week. 

Eldste Egan

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 4, 2017 - First week in the Mission field

Hello Everyone!                                  September 4, 2017   First P Day in the Mission field.

I finally made it to Norway and it is so amazing.  It was a lot of travel but we had an amazing welcome by our Mission President and his wife.  We spent the night in downtown Oslo and had a little training the next day and then they shipped us off to our areas.  

My first area is Porsgrunn, but I spend most of my time in Skien.  I was on the train and they come around and check tickets and the officer asks me something and I just respond in Norwegian (Mine Norst er ikke bra)  ( My Norwegian is not good) But it was fun.    We have a little blue car and my license is actually good for about 3 months so it's been fun to be able to drive but crazy getting used to the new rules.

It was a really busy week but the first day I will always remember the first house I knocked on the guy came to the door and looked at us through the window on the door and just turned away and never answered.  I thought it was a great and funny way to start the mission.

The ward here is so amazing.  We get fed about every other night and then we share a quick spiritual thought with the family and leave.  Yesterday I thought it would be a great idea to want to take the lead on the spiritual thought and my comp let me and let’s just say my Norwegian has got a long way to go but it is fun to try and the members are helping me with it a ton.

We don't have any new investigators as of right now.  The work here is really slow but it's amazing to be a part of.  Yesterday the Bishop asked me to give the opening prayer and then the first testimony in sacrament meeting.  When I got to the stand I think all of the Norwegian I have ever learned left my mind and they were 2 very short and sweet prayer and testimony.

My companions name is Elder Burgoyne, he is from Bountiful and he has been out for about 13 months.  I am lucky and blessed to have him as my companion.

It doesn't rain too much but it is pretty chilly in the morning and evening.  It also is getting darker faster and faster in the past couple of days. I am way excited for winter.

The food here is actually really good.  I've had Norwegian hot dogs and Kebabs and the best is the Norwegian desserts. The Norwegian waffles are the best things in the world and also the chocolate that they have here is so good.  

The big news here this week is that the Book of Mormon Musical is going on right now in Oslo and it's all the talk and we are really pushing it and we are trying to get a night at the church set up that will be a night just to explain what the Book of Mormon really is.  


Eldeste Egan

Eating Kebabs with Elder Burgoyne (from Bountiful)

First trainer - Elder Burgoyne

2/3 of our zone - the sisters we share a car with

hiking on my first P day

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Meeting President and Sister Hill - August 29, 2017

Oslo Airport - We Made it!

Loading all the luggage

Games at the mission home (Trying to keep us awake after almost 24 hrs of travel)

Picking out our bedding in a bag in the basement of the mission home

Finding out our companions and where we will serve first

Getting instructions from Elder and Sister Robinson

and President Hill

Musical number in the mission home

Excited to be in Norway

President Hill and Sister Hill

Heading to the train station to Porsgrunn

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad.  I made it to Norway and it is absolutely amazing here!  My first area is Porsgrunn and my companion is Elder Burgoyne. 

My Address is:
Roald Aamundsens Veg 8
3933 Porsgrunn

My Pday is Monday.  Love you and talk to you then.  
             Elder Egan 

August 24, 2017 - Last Letter from the MTC

August 24, 2017 – Last letter from the MTC

Last week in the MTC is almost over. Great week and to start it off last Friday we got our flight plans and we leave Monday morning and fly directly to Amsterdam and then up North to Oslo.  I started packing today and can't believe it's almost time to go.  The thing I will miss most is being around all of the other missionaries in our zone.  We once again taught many lessons this week and had a skype lesson were we taught a member from Norway who lives in Tromso.  The sister missionaries were also at her house so the pressure was on.  I also got to help out with the tours again this week and it was fun to run into some people that I knew.  

Yesterday we got to host the new missionaries and go through orientation with them again.  It was kind of fun to re-live the first day all over again right before I leave.  It's nice being a missionary that has been here for a while because you feel like you know everything going on around you except the new language. Come next week I will be the newbie all over again and I can't wait.

 There's nothing better than study time and especially studying in the new buildings.  We had 2 subs this week in class that couldn’t speak Norwegian so we got more personal study time which was really nice.  

The language is coming slowly but you speak something new every day that you thought you didn't know the day before.  Can't wait to fly to Norway on Monday and can’t wait to begin serving.

Studied a lot about Joseph Smith this week and it really encourages me to work hard because he did so much and he never gave up on it.  It is truly amazing that the church has been restored and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Friends in the MTC that I went to Cape Verde Africa with

Flight Plans to Norway.  SLC- Amsterdam and then onto OSLO

Blurry pic but fun to meet Tanner Mangum before his first game.

The 5 Elders going to Oslo Norway

Sister Graf

One of the Norwegian teachers in the MTC

Hi Mom - Great week and thank you for your packages and ties and the vans.  Another long but good week here. My flight is Monday at 2:39 so I will try and call you before then but if not I’ll talk to you at Christmas.  I do have a lot of pictures that I need to send but they are on other cameras that I am working on getting.  I have a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam so that will be fun and then up to Oslo.  I can't believe it’s time to go and I couldn't be more excited to go to a place like Norway.  Another busy week of lessons in Norwegian but also in English as being the district leader means teaching an hour on Tuesday night and another hour to Two on Sunday along with a lot of meetings. But because of it I feel like I have learned a ton and now I feel so comfortable doing anything in English after doing everything in Norwegian.  The elders in our zone have so much fun.  I’m still loving it here and learning so much.  I feel like P days are one of the busiest days of the week but we look forward to them so much it's weird.  Tell everyone I love them and that if I don't respond it's because I have no time left.     Love you   Eldste Egan

September 18, 2017

Mom!                                                                                                               Another great week. So...