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Monday, November 20, 2017

Headed to OSLO! - November 20, 2017

Hello everyone!

Big changes coming here as I will be heading to Oslo on Wednesday for transfers!  It is going to be so fun serving there and to get to spend Christmas in the big city of Oslo.  My new companions name is Eldste Mathews and he's such a stud!

I didn't write a group email as I used my p day to go on a hike to Trollfoss.  I'll include amazing pictures.  As for things here in the past week it got really cold and has snowed! Everyone in this area always told us it didn't snow until after Christmas but I guess not!  I am really sad to be leaving this amazing ward that I've enjoyed so much. I am so grateful for everything I have learned and all the amazing experiences with them!

We got a new investigator this week and the lesson went well.  I have never had that much trouble speaking Norwegian in my life, but we got a return appointment and hopefully something great comes from it!

I am having trouble remembering everything and now I don't have a ton of information on what is to come this next week but I am super excited for this next transfer and for the opportunity to be serving in Oslo.  

I am also so excited to be able to pass out book of Mormons at the musical now!

My new address is:


Have a great Thanksgiving!

Eldste Egan

In front of the State Church in Skien

Inside the state Church

SNOW in Porsgrunn!

My hike to the Trollfoss waterfall located on the River Dalelva in the Region of Vestfolf, Norway. Freezing but an amazing hike. 

Trollfoss, NORWAY

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 6, 2017

Hello everyone!

Another great week here in Norway!

To be honest, I am having a very hard time remembering what happened this week but one thing that I can remember is enjoying institute with the 4 young single adults in the Skien Menighet.  It is a great way for me to have to listen and speak Norwegian so I love going to that.  Hopefully we will have time this week to do it again.  

A member (Sister Årnses) helped us find time to go bank on this lady's door.  She let us in and we knew she was from the Philippines so we in advance ordered a Book of Mormon in her language.  We took a ferry from Brevik to Sandøya and saw a seal in the water.  When we got to her house she let us in and she doesn't speak the best Norwegian so English is better for her so we taught her in English.  I started the lesson off with a prayer in English and it was so difficult to do.  I haven't prayed in English since I was home.  The lesson went ok, the hard thing was her kids were banging pots and pans the whole time.  It was a lot of fun.  We didn't get a return appointment yet but we a working on it. 

The rest of the week included lots of finding and banking on people’s homes and we had a young men’s service project this week.  It's always a blast to be around the members!

My favorite part of this week was probably when we went out Saturday evening for a couple of hours and bonked out this big area of homes that we wanted to do.  It was pouring rain and nobody was interested but it was just such a fun time being out there.  

Yesterday we had a biskoper ungdomsråd (every fast Sunday we go to a members house with all of the youth and have a gospel discussion and the most amazing dessert)  I am so grateful to be serving here in Porsgrunn/Skien.  

Oh and Halloween is not big here at all if you were wondering.  We still were asked not to bank on peoples homes but it really isn't celebrated much but it is growing.  

Have a great week.
Eldeste Egan

The Young Single Adults

Eivand  - a member who is one of the coolest people you will ever meet
Islands of Norway

On the island of Sandoya - it's dark by 4:15

Monday, October 30, 2017

October 30, 2017 - My First Investigator!

Hello everyone.  This week was one of the longest most rewarding weeks of my mission.  It all started off Monday night teaching Pål.  We taught the first lesson and we read James 1:5 when we were talking about Joseph Smith and after he literally committed himself to read and pray.  And to top it off he prayed for us at the end of the lesson and it was so amazing.  The walk home after that was an exciting time!

Come Tuesday we had another appointment with a guy who we gave a Mormons Bok to a couple of weeks back. The lesson went terrible.  We were struggling to speak Norwegian and he gave us back the Mormons Bok at the end of the lesson.  Sometimes they will just go bad!

Wednesday we had Zone Conference up in Drammen.  Its about a 2 hour drive and it was so fun to see a couple of people from my MTC group and my MTC comp who I just absolutely love.  The Zone Conference was all about teaching skills and my comp and I were put into a teaching situation twice with people who spoke the hardest dialects in Norway and it was super fun and difficult to do that.  The drive back was really foggy and out of the 2 sister in Skien and Eldste McCourt and I, I am the only one legal to drive because I haven't been here long enough to be illegal yet.  

The days after that I don't have much to say about besides lots of bonking on doors and contacting people on the buses and having a great time in the cold.  

Come Sunday I was in charge of teaching the youth while my comp taught gospel principles.  So we had to go on splits with the bishop and a priest.  My lesson was on "What can we learn about gospel learning from the example of the Savior"  It was weird not having a comp to teach with and this lesson went so bad,  I truly cant speak this language at all but can somehow teach the Preach My Gospel Lessons, changing the subject and not having a comp really changed things up on that but it was such a great experience.  We had dinner at Familie Lunds after church and the father served his mission in California and he really likes spicy food and we had enchiladas and they were amazing.  And dessert in Norway is the best thing in the world.  

Hope you all have a great week!

Eldste Egan
Elder McCourt and I at a members house for dinner

Pumpkin carving which is NOT a Norwegian thing. 

Young Single Adult Activity - Halloween week

Friday, October 27, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017



 October 16, 2017

My new comp is great. He is from Kenilworth, Utah and for him only being out for 12 weeks... wow he can speak the language really well! 

Yes, the food package made it.  Thank you!  And don't worry it doesn't cost anything to go and pick it up.  The best part was the cosmic brownies and the mac and cheese!  Thank you so much.  

I got the book from the Mannings.  I will send them a letter thanking them.  I bought 3 stamps this week and I will send them one.  I hope they work.  

The reason I want the license is so that I can keep my Norwegian one.  The U.S. won't let me have both. 

I actually feel like a missionary. Some missionaries feel like we shouldn't give out as many Mormons Boks and we shouldn’t do it because it costs the church too much.  Are you kidding? I will hand one of those suckers out every chance I get.  

Don't worry I have enough warm clothes.  If you are going to send me anything, send socks.  Mr. Mac socks can burn.  Send thin dark grey socks and some thin cheap striped ones from amazon if anything.  It really is too expensive and I feel bad. 

And I actually already bought a Norwegian sweater.  It's a little tight but it was really cheap for a Norwegian sweater.  I have still just been using that cash that we got before I left.  I am so happy we did that.

Everything is great.  I am loving it.  It's a lot of work but it’s great.

Love you,      Eldste Egan 

1st training after 6 weeks in Norway

Getting Ready to hear from President Hill

Cold wet Porsgrunn

THE MTC 10 back together again

MTC Elders back together again

After training we walked to the palace

Soup and Grilled Cheese for 1st Transfer training

Monday, October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017 First Transfer in Norway

Hi Mom, 

Wow, big changes and a lot ahead this week.  I am staying in Porsgrunn and I am so happy I am!  I did not want to leave this ward!  My comp has been out 1 more transfer than me so this language barrier that we are going to have is going to be really difficult.   But wow I am so excited!  I feel like I will learn a lot from this next comp. Even though he is a youngin too!  

Visa thing went great. I have to go in again this week and then set up a ton of driving times and set up my driving test.  Will you order me a new Drivers License? Because I have to turn in my American one to get my Norwegian one and when I come back to the states they will take my Norwegian one away and the Norwegian ones are good for 15 years so when I come back I want to be able to drive!  That didn't make any sense but just order me a U.S. one and hang on to it until I get home!

Visited with a couple this week who gave us 15 minutes to talk with them.  They took a Mormons Bok and we plan on going back this week!  Other than that not a ton of news!

I am almost positive that I will be here until like January.  But honestly don't spend anything on me to send!  It costs so much and I would rather just use the money to buy stuff here.  Like I would love for you to send me stuff but don't go all out like the usual that you do being as great as you are.

I am so happy I am staying here in Porsgrunn.  This week we will have a lot of time to teach and find. I am really excited!

Thanks for everything mom.  And please tell your dad that I love his letters and thank you so much for them.  I will try and send him an email but it always seems to not save it.

Love you,

Eldste Egan

The bridge in Porsgrunn

Tracking in Porsgrunn (Bonking)

Tracking in Porsgrunn 

Attempting to make Prawns

Headed to OSLO! - November 20, 2017

Hello everyone! Big changes coming here as I will be heading to Oslo on Wednesday for transfers!  It is going to be so fun serving ther...