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Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1, 2018

Hello everyone!  I am sorry it has been so long since I have sent an email!

This past week was amazing as we had a baptism!  It was such an amazing week to see our investigator Cato be baptized.  He has such an amazing testimony and an amazing desire to be more like our Savior!

He asked that when he was baptized if we could hold him under for longer so he was under the water for 8 seconds.  We should've given the ward a little heads up as it was all great and fun until you see the panic appear on ever ones faces! 

I always expected it to be cold all year round in Norway but I was very wrong!  I feel like I am serving in Africa as it is so humid and hot!  I always would've thought that I would like to do missionary work in the warm but I have learned quickly that I enjoy the cold winter.  

I am so grateful to be out here serving!  My testimony has grown so much and I know that this Church is true.  Becoming more like Jesus Christ is the best way to be happy and I feel so blessed to know the truth and really know what Gods plan is.  ​​​​

Eldste Egan

Hey mom,

The package did make it!  Thank you so much!

News on Knut. Well we taught him today!  Our goal today was to be spiritual and build a relationship with him as we have been really straight up and very bold with him in the past and he is not a fan of it.  I do hope he will bet baptized during the time I am here.  He is just stubborn.  There is so much waiting for him, A wife, the temple, a calling.  

The warm weather is killing me. I am losing so much sleep because it is 82 degrees in our apartment when we go to bed. I will always love the winter time. It is weird that it will start being dark outside at about 11, and that you can wake up at 4 and see the sun rise. It is really cool and makes getting up a lot easier because you would think it is noon day at 6:30.

Thank you for everything. I hope you enjoyed that I sent a group email.

Love you,

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018 - Happy 19th Elder Egan

Had a fun YW/YMs activity tonight- Celebrating Elder Egan! He is such a nice young man and it was fun to celebrate him tonight!

Hugs CC

Friday, May 18, 2018


Greetings wonderful parents of Missionaries in Norway!
I know I sent you all a picture, however since we took so many I figured I could send you all the pictures!

Independence Day was GREAT! I wanted to show the missionaries ‘how to do May 17th’ as this was
their first time experiencing it, so we had a lot of fun!
Here is a taste of Norway in the sunshine….

We stood outside the bishop’s house watching the parade…

(The Bishop’s wife Wella, My Bishop, me and the missionaries…)

At the conclusion of the parade everyone meets in the park in town, we hear speeches and we sing the National Anthem.
I wanted to take the missionaries so they could feel and hear that!

Then… we had to have cotton candy, hotdogs (at the Bishops house) soft serve ice cream and candy. My friend Lisa Olse (1st Counsellor in YW – and owner of the apartment where the sisters are living) was working, so I was watching out for her kids. They are in some of the pictures…


At the Bishop’s house….

Eating the BEST soft-serve ice cream in the world!

We all then headed for our Relief Society President’s house (they live on a farm) and continued the party there….

The kids challenged the missionaries to a tug-o-war! The kids won!!! A set of Elders were visiting form another ward, so there were 6 missionaries against 1000 kids!

They are good companions… but NOT while trying to jump rope!!!

Don’t you just love seeing all these ‘part Phillippinos/part Norwegians’ all wearing Norwegian traditional ‘bunad’.

Unfortunately, the elders had to catch a bus back to Fredrikstad, so the sisters drove them to the bus station. Hence why they are not in the ‘group’ picture!
THANK YOU for raising young men and women who are worthy to serve missions.
I know it is hard to serve in Norway, so THANK YOU for raising strong, faith-filled members! We are all grateful!
Kind regards, CC (Sister Cecilie Lundgreen)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018 - Happy Mother's Day


Amy, I  had fun teaching the missionaries golf today. Elder Egan finally got his swing going and was hitting it great!

I asked Reeve and Lolly to tell Grandma and Grandpa Ensign what a wonderful missionary Elder Egan is. Truly.... he is a humble, kind and considerate young man. He watches people around and helps where he can, he has a sweetness about him (if I can say that about a young man!) that makes everyone around him like him. His humility and Spirituality is tangible and he is REALLY doing an awesome job out here. 

I told Reeve, when he came to my ward, it totally changed the dynamics of the missionaries. I didnt feel settled with the last ones... but when Elder Egan came, there was a totally different feeling with the missionaries!

Well done for raising an extraordinary young man. I wish I had a daughter on a mission who vould marry him one day!

Have a great week!

Hugs from sunny Norway - Cece

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 9, 2018

No big changes this transfer.  I will still be district leader this transfer with the same companion and same district.  I am really excited for this transfer and hope to get 2 baptisms.  The district I am in is just blowing up the mission with everything going on!  

We have many chances for member dinners this week and it is always so amazing.  I have really worked on connecting with members these past couple of weeks and I can fully say this is the best ward I will ever serve in.  Church is just so different here.  Funny story, during Priesthood and Relief society yesterday, they were talking about food storage and with that they were passing around food to try.  I don't think anyone realized that it was fast Sunday and we just sat there laughing the entire time!  Only in Norway!

I got a surprise visit from Ia's mom and step dad yesterday in church and it was an amazing experience as we then taught Sunday school and Ia's mom Sharon just shared so much about how happy she is that one of her daughters joined the church and that I was the one who baptized her.  It was a special day for me!     And knowing them, they hand me a Victoria secret bag full of candy. Trying to hide that as quickly as possible was fun!  Nothing better than having the Missionary carrying around a Victoria secret bag!

Norway's big Independence day is next Thursday and I will be staying in Fredrikstad.  I would do anything to go to Oslo for the day but nnowing the members here, it is going to be such a party!

Can't wait to chat with you on Mother's Day.    

And by the looks of it. I will be in Fredrikstad until September.  

Eldste Egan

This is in Halden Norway.  It actually feels like Europe there.  All of the cobble stone streets and the fort and the water.  Really pretty place.  Terrible for missionary work!

 Zone Conferences were held in Oslo on April 12th.  There is always lots of energy as our missionaries are united at ZC. We love our time together as we learn and lift each other. It was another wonderful day with missionaries in the Norway Oslo Mission! - Sister Hill

Friday, April 20, 2018

April 20, 2018

Hi Mom - 
I have spent a big part of my p-day today teaching a guy named Knutt.  He is someone who has been coming to church for the past 8 years and is letting the missionaries teach him again.  He is worried about what his family will think so we are working on it but he lives in the nicest apartment and he is so cool. This week will be really busy as I head up to Moss to go on splits.  This will be an extremely busy week but I am super excited.  We sadly said goodbye to our old ward mission leader who was so awesome. But we got another awesome one.  This ward is just awesome.  I would want to just move this ward home.  

Also this week I will have to interview 2 people to be baptized.  This whole thing is just weird to me that I will be the one doing it and that I am on a mission.  Love you, Eldste Egan

 Officially into BYU for fall 2019

Helping a member clean out a basement of an old house that had gravel under the floor boards. 

Missing Oslo but loving Fredrikstad

Monday, April 9, 2018

April 9, 2018 - GOLF

Easton is serving in Fredrikstad in the ward of a dear friend of Easton's great grandparents.  She even calls them Grandma and Grandpa.  She's an amazing golfer and took Easton (and company) golfing for P day this week and sent home this fun email:

Dear grandma and grandpa Ensign, dear Amy.

Today I got to play golf with Elder Egan and his companion! I shared with Reeve the other day how I was eager for the driving range to open for the summer so I could take the missionaries out for a golf lesson. Reeve replied. “Just take them to the indoor golf center to hit some golf balls!’
So yesterday at church I asked the sisters and elders if they wanted to meet me for golf and pizza. They of course, were excited to do that.

We met in town and went down to the indoor center. I had not booked a ‘simulator’ to play in, as I figured there’d be no one there on a Monday morning, however boy, was I wrong. It was so full, there was nothing for us! Anders, the friend of mine who was working said we could putt for a little bit and then we could get a simulator in 45 minutes. So we started putting around. Then I saw a friend of mine who plays on the Ladies European Tour with me. Marianne is a little bit younger than me, but we are still good friends. She asked why they were and when I told her they were missionaries for my church, she started laughing. I turned to the missionaries and told them how I have shared the gospel with her, shared stories and miracles and how she keeps teasing me for being ‘so Holy!’ I shared how she had represented Norway in the Olympics in Rio and how the guy behind the counter was a World Amateur Champion. I think they were all ‘star struck’ for a little there!

Marianne was listening in on our conversation, so when I shared about the Olympics, she said… and I did appreciate you praying for me while I was there, but it only lasted two days. Of course, my reply was… you must have said or done something, so they Angels wouldn’t want to be around you after that! She laughed and said… you’re right, I wasn’t behaving very well. She has a bit of a bad mouth. So it was fun to share that moment with her and with the missionaries, because if we hadn’t waited for a simulator, we would not have had the conversation with Marianne and have her recognize the greatness of prayer!

We only had the chance to play 3 holes, but it was great fun! “SistersInZion’ won and got to choose the toppings for the pizza!

I had been trying to call my favorite pizza place but they wouldn’t answer, so I felt we just needed to go up there. They were closed and I was prompted to take them to a restaurant that is one of the sponsors at the golf club. There we had an opportunity to share some stories with the owner and we did eat some delicious pizza.

We have decided it is a great ‘P-Day’ and we just might do it again!!

Anyways, it was fun to have the Elders and the sisters with me at the golf center today and for us to be missionaries – without really even saying much!

Big hugs from Norway, CC


June 1, 2018

Hello everyone!  I am sorry it has been so long since I have sent an email! This past week was amazing as we had a baptism!  It was such...