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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Week 1 - P day's are Thursday for me in the MTC.  

Hey everyone! What a week here in the MTC! I don't know where to start. First thing, my first companion is awesome. His name is Eldste Cribbs and we get along really well and work very well together. He is from Seattle and he brought a violin and can play any song you can think of. It's like our way of listening to music.  The first couple of days are absolutely crazy but very spiritual and great. We have about 7 hours of language class every day and our teachers only speak Norwegian.  Just after 2 days here we had to teach a 30 minute lesson in Norwegian. It was very difficult but we are learning as it goes.  We have taught 4 lessons now in Norwegian and are improving every time.  There are 5 Eldstres and 5 Sostres going with us to Norway.  My district is great and we all laugh and get along really well.  I love the devotionals here and how much you can learn and grow just after one week on the mission. My dad was right when he said exercise time is the best. We switch off from beach volleyball to basketball every other day. It’s only for an hour but it’s a very well needed break.  The language is very difficult and has lots of weird ways to pronounce the same letter.  It's a lot of fun actually being able to communicate with each other in another language.  We watched the character of Christ talk given by Elder Bednar.  It really teaches missionaries to love and care for those we teach. On Tuesday we had a talk given to us by Don Clark.  He talked about how missionaries really need to work hard and how they’re so many ways to bring people closer to Christ.
Waking up on P day is like waking up on Christmas morning.
My p days are Thursdays so I will do my best to keep up on emailing.
I love it here and I love being a missionary!

Eldste Egan

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